THEMCO Finally win in Canada, spearheaded by Terry Gilder


On 17th May 2013 a victory, spearheaded by Terry Gilder, was won by Themco EKF, in the Montreal Superior Court to dismiss the contestations of AlertPay and giving them 30 days in which to appeal.

This followed our earlier success of having the same court issue a Safeguard Order that Firoz Patel should send the near $1million to a trust account held to the order of the court.

You might recall this money was originally retained by AlertPay (yes, we have it in their own words, same leopard, same spots) using a spurious cooked up Swedish court case as an excuse. Themco have won the case in Sweden following withdrawal of falsified evidence by the other side, expenses awarded to Themco. But still the money is retained.

Within hours of the Montreal judgement it seems AlertPay/Payza/MH Pillars, as they now describe themselves, despite everything they said about not having the money any more, suddenly found themselves able to offer refunds to individuals! This in contravention of the Montreal Court judgement, in contradiction of everything they had said previously, and apparently suddenly overcoming the fact that they are unable to operate legally in the UK because they are running scared of the Financial Conduct Authority! Poor Alastair Graham, their CEO, is being used as the UK patsy in all this. Would you believe it? No, neither would we! If they haven’t got the money how can they refund it? Do you honestly think they would anyway?

Themco did manage to retrieve approximately half a million dollars from AlertPay after long wrangles and delaying tactics which meant that the Swedish case, based on false documentation, could be quoted as a reason to stop returning the other million dollars to the escrow account, where the balance is safely kept.

In all this Themco has operated within the frameworks of the various legal systems in the countries involved. We, unlike Patel, do not consider ourselves to be above the law. We have not been economical with the truth in Court. We have not proffered false evidence, which has to be withdrawn later to save embarrassment and/or contempt.

Within our cooperative of 13,000+ members is a collection of many talents. These are now fused together within the framework of our Executive Committee. We will see this matter through.