THEMCO EKF is headed by the CEO Terry Gilder

ABOUT Terry Gilder

This is a small selection taken from hundreds of testimonials about Terry Gilder from Shareholders of THEMCO EKF

I have personally known Terry Gilder for more than twenty years and have always found him to be very professional with whatever tasks have been presented to him. I can assure you that his lifestyle reflects the fact that he has never taken money from anyone.. He has suffered a number of personal financial losses by scammers and supposed “gurus” and therefore is ever vigilant in trying to recover this money and help others.   Brianpx/ executive committee

It was through reading his blog that I got to know Terry Gilder. As English is not my first language I found his style of writing  and sense of humour understandable.  It was me who persuaded him to join Quatro and he has never let me forget it.   ianke, Director Themco EKF

When he promised to be totally transparent with the affairs of Themco I thought, yes I have heard that before. But here we are three years down thetrack and he has never missed a News update at the end of the week and I cannot wait to read them.Zhinderella

BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL new audio update !!!!!  …and what a thoroughly nice, caring [and so professional !]  man Terry is !! ..I’m DEEPLY appreciative of what Terry Gilder and the rest of the team are doing for we shareholders !!!  bowfell

Over these years , I have turned into a great admirer of the style and nuance of the Themco Newsletters . Members who have been reading the newsletters will surely agree that some of these exude literary brilliance ! How I wish the writer ventured into the world of real journalism . Maybe he is already into it, but we are yet to know. I have often been prompted to send in my compliments and Themco has humbly reciprocated.That’s Themco  flowermaker

You have to get up pretty early to start work before Terry Gilder, and stay up late to keep in step with him. zizadk             

Another expression of gratitude to the TEAM at Themco. Whilst on the outside of proceedings, one gets an overwhelming feeling of careful planning, honest and straightforward intent,a very professional aptitude, and big lashings of goodwill. And it is clear, also, huge input and commitment, to the task as outlined from the start. Not forgetting the superb support. One of the very few operations I have been involved in, which displays such continuing efforts to move the project forward to completion. Thanking you for all the input, communication, patience, and resoluteness. In this day and age of cut corners and (usual) fraud/poor sense of financial and ethical
responsibility…it is BLOODY MARVELLOUS. All this just is apparent, to anyone with a sense of discernment, so thank you to all. Really, really appreciated.3 Cheers!!!!!  Denishe

437 thoughts on “THEMCO EKF is headed by the CEO Terry Gilder

  1. mcaillou

    je vous tire mon chapeau l’ami , malgre les deboires, les ecueils, toutes les semaines depuis 2O1O j’ai pu lire ( grace a google translet) les nouvelles de vos batailles, de vos guerres au non de notre tres chere cooperative , ce qui n’a pas eté le cas d’autres ste dans la meme cas de difficultés .
    mais soyez en sur mr que votre niaque, votre tenacité meritait d’etre souligné , et d’etre suivi.
    codialement votre .
    Marie Pierre schmitt
    PS: desolé de m’etre exprimé en francais , mais je suis francaise et l’anglais n’est vraiment pas une langue que je maitrise .

  2. chello

    Merry Christmas to everybody and thank you for the last years of updates. The shareholders have been updated on a weekly basis for many years now.

    I hope that the projects will be completed soon and that Terry will be able to achive all the goals that have been set.

    I am very pleased with the way the projects have been managed so far.

    All the best to all of you.


  3. sunnydaystocome

    Throughout all the trials and tribulations of the last long, tortuous years, the one thing that has kept me going as been the weekly newsletter from the brilliant Terry and his team. Now it looks, finally, as though things are beginning to go our way and I want them to know how much their efforts mean to us all. With good luck and a following wind let us hope that all will come to fruition in 2015 and Terry can take his well earned retirement with the cheers of us all ringing in his ears!


  4. gide

    Thank you Sir Terry for maintaining the morale of the taskforce. As we approach the end of the venture, one thing is certain : one way or another, with Terry Gilder at the helm, We Will Win !
    Merry Christmas to each member of this wonderful co-operative.

  5. Judy

    As we approach the festive season I wanted to say a big thank you to you all. Have a restful Christmas holiday and may we all have a prosperous new year.

  6. gillingerup

    I must say, I really admire Terry Gilder for not giving up on this project in spite of all setbacks caused by dishonest people acting behind his back and Alert Pay freezing/stealing the member’s/Themcos money.
    Normally, he could have left the project and its members long ago. Honour to him!

  7. gill86

    bonjour TERRY et à toute votre équipe , cela va faire bientôt 5 ans que je suis avec vous , ma femme et mes enfants par la suite ,et bien sur des amis proches , ça na pas toujours été facile pour vous , le trajet à été semé d’embûches ,mais vous allez réussir , et c’est le principal , merci pour tout ce travail qui donnera un nouvel espoir pour touts vos coopérateurs , je vous remerci pour ma famille et mes amis qui m’ont suivi dans cette entreprise , à bientôt ; cordialement ;gilles

  8. Annette

    I would just once again like to offer my thanks and gratitude to Terry and the team for keeping going through they have had thrown at them to help a lot of people have a brighter future. I know they must feel frustrated at how long things are taking but they haven’t given up and I for one really appreciate that. I also really appreciate the fact that Terry is now supposed to be retired but he is still fighting on for us. A massive thank you to Terry and all.


  9. Judy

    Hi to All in the co-operative,
    It has been a fairly circuitous route from our beginning to where we find ourselves now. We are a group of individuals who have been given an opportunity in fact more than one.
    1. To be a co-operative of people joining together
    2. To open up a world of opportunities!
    It is due to one man and his team – without Terry Gilder and team themco I for one would not have the potentials which present themselves to me after completion. Terry has been the best captain any team could ask for. The never missed weekly updates and all the hours – UNPAID – which he and the team put in – NO – ONE could ask for more.
    My appreciation for you all is HUGE!!!

  10. kathieleamspa

    The original proposal seemed very straightforward. The enactment of it has been very far from that, due mainly to the scurrilous behaviour of others.
    Though I don’t know Terry personally, it seems to me that he was not dependent on this for income and could have bowed out a long time ago, as has happened with other schemes. instead he continues to work long hours and remain dedicated to finding some sort of justice for those who exploit situations, in others words ‘cheat’.
    He continues to produce weekly news letters, unlike other schemes, even when family situations could understandably have had first claims on his time.
    So thank you Terry for providing a shining light in what can be the murky world of finance. You have my support.

  11. Judy

    I agree Raphael, listening to Terry talking on the radio interviews (as well as the weekly updates) you get the sense of the strength of the man. The ability to not be governed by emotion but steadfast and focus on the important issues. Thanks Terry and the team for all your efforts.

  12. High-Five

    Hi Terry,

    I salute you on your relentless strong hold safeguarding your vision of which we are a part. You have a great way of making many of us wanting to stay updated and as you can see, we learn a lot through your news updates. We always look forward to the amazing descriptive vocabulary arsenal of which you are a true master. I can’t help but thinking a great kung-fu master reincarnated into you, lol. I always enjoy your Feng Shui like precision play with words, thank you.

    Our friendship having been put a bit on hold, since you created THEMCO, but I have actually come to know you more and better through your perpetual communications, through good and evil. I appreciate the opportunity you have given us to learn from the way you are able to joggle apparently any circumstance and remain poised and in harmony with your mission statement, I see a most unique composition of values and character that I aspired to learn from the minute I met you.

    Thank you for the strength you have! Imagine going through this unprecedented amount of BS and evil, I always sensed it in you, but I’m blown away that you persisted for so long through so much!? I mean your family and loved ones also needed their fair share of your attention, so how did you do that I wonder? Shame on those that claim you are the evil and deceitful one and may the highest force one day help them in the particular way that is just right for them at the appropriate time, goodness help us.

    I so appreciate having befriended you and fortunately I know through our friends in common that all is more than well.

    Peace and prosperity.

    Raphael Kristof Jacques Petersen

  13. Judy

    Love the humour Bearcat but also the sentiment ‘Sir Terry’ has worked without let up and I look forward to the weekly updates. Thanks to all who support the process.

  14. Bearcat

    I would like to thank Terry Gilder for his efforts and determination to make Themco a profitable venture for all involved. At any step in this longer then anticipated adventure Terry could have ended Themco with an e-mail stating he tried his best. No, at every twist and delay Themco has faced, Terry has shown a stubborn fortitude to push Themco to a successful finish. Terry has kept us informed with a weekly update on all that has transpired and what we may be facing in the coming weeks. The weekly updates are still posted on the site and we have access to review at our leisure. Perhaps we are coming to a successful finish in the coming weeks, I hope so. However, it has been Terry and his teams constent and consistant work that has brought Themco this far and I am sure to a successful conclusion. Thank You.

  15. gide

    Sir Terry,
    I’ve been your French soldier for a long time now, assigned to your ‘weekly update’ translation job.
    Let me tell you how much I suffer each week with the special dialect you’re talking. Guess you live at the very bottom of a celtic village in a country that some people call ‘England’. A village with inhabitants eating enormous fishes (the ones you catch on Sunday and resell illico on Monday morning – the insane Buy/Sell transaction), where the Beatles and Stones’ words are cherished much more than Shakespeare’s, where people in Winter break an ankle each time 3 flakes are falling, where husbands still think they value more than their spouse until she goes at the hospital, etc., etc… Surely you are a great captain for Themco Co-op, with no doubt a honest and respectable man true to his words, but to me, though you live at the deep bottom of a strange ‘bourgade’, you’re the one who knows, admires and supports the RCT, my French local rugby club. Not a single word on my fabulous talent as a translator, but a loyal support of my dream team. That’s Terry Gilder!
    Thank you, Sir.

  16. suziewuzie

    I would like to endorse the sentiment in the messages on here.

    Terry’s hard work and the people working alongside him. Every week-end I look forward to the updates and feel sure that very soon we will receive the news we have been awaiting.

    |too wish Terry a happy retirement,

  17. mainway

    Hi Terry,
    they do say that there are only two things that are ‘certain’ in our lives – that one day we will die – and that the Tax Man never forgets 🙂

    I would like to add to that, by saying that we can always rely on the ceaseless, excellent care and unstinting effort that you extend to all of us members, aided by the ever present ianke and all of your wonderful staff at Themco.

    You truly are a shining example of the way in which any business involving members of the general public should be conducted.

    I salute you and thank you for all that you continue to do in the interest of all of us members.

  18. Pam

    Hello, Terry, and all those working by your side. I would like to thank you all for continuing to keep us in the loop of what you are hearing regarding the various venues of hopefully bringing Liberator One to completion. I still look forward to the weekly updates and like so many of our members, have kept the hope alive that we will hear some exciting news one of these days.

    Even with all the delays, caused by outside sources , your efforts are always appreciated. And, Terry, I totally understand the desire you have to retire from the rigors of administering to team Themco and applaud your continuing involvement. Whatever the future brings, may you be able to retire to the comforts and joy of home, family and friends.

  19. Judy

    Hi Guys,
    If you know the song:
    Where have all the voices gone?
    Quiet on the blog it seems,
    Where have all the comments gone?
    What does it mean?
    Where have all the members gone?
    Long time passing,
    Where has all the support gone?
    I am left wondering!

    When will we ever learn
    Its about community
    When will we ever…. Learn.
    with love

  20. Judy

    Hi Terry and the team,
    I am very grateful for all the efforts you have put in over the y……..e…….a………..r………..s! Working so hard and we have all been frustrated by some of the things which have stalled us on the way but that in no way diminishes your efforts. I would say go ahead and enjoy your retirement Terry you deserve to take time out after the consistent efforts you have made for so long. Any one who denies you of that is only thinking of self.
    with love

  21. flowermaker

    Hi Terry

    The post of 28th enhances my respect for the Themco show just as it makes me somewhat unhappy. You have made your straight and impartial stand even clearer. I agree. To say that ‘we don’t quit until we deliver’, is stentorian honesty. It takes commitment and positivism to say that. I cannot admire you more at this point of time. I cannot praise your team more for continuing with their job without compensation. That speaks volumes for the character of the men and women you have been leading.

    But I am unhappy. Why is it that you want to truncate us after Liberator 1 ? We are part of Themco already . I don’t mind if you are unable to continue with the profit scheme that you thought would accompany these stages. But why can’t we have something else , something like an investment club that’s run by you and where we contribute from what you give us from Lib 1 ?

    Themco is a rare phenomenon. We may or may not have another opportunity to associate ourselves with online that is even distantly credible. Think over it , Terry. You are a great Administrator. But we too are not that bad as members by your side, are we ?

    Best wishes .

  22. eichentech

    I wonder why there are no posts in the blog since Feb 23 . Has it something to do with Terry Guilder’s retirement ?
    I’m sure members would like to see the blog moving.

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