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THEMCO EKF is headed by the CEO Terry Gilder

ABOUT Terry Gilder

This is a small selection taken from hundreds of testimonials about Terry Gilder from Shareholders of THEMCO EKF

I have personally known Terry Gilder for more than twenty years and have always found him to be very professional with whatever tasks have been presented to him. I can assure you that his lifestyle reflects the fact that he has never taken money from anyone.. He has suffered a number of personal financial losses by scammers and supposed “gurus” and therefore is ever vigilant in trying to recover this money and help others.   Brianpx/ executive committee

It was through reading his blog that I got to know Terry Gilder. As English is not my first language I found his style of writing  and sense of humour understandable.  It was me who persuaded him to join Quatro and he has never let me forget it.   ianke, Director Themco EKF

When he promised to be totally transparent with the affairs of Themco I thought, yes I have heard that before. But here we are three years down thetrack and he has never missed a News update at the end of the week and I cannot wait to read them.Zhinderella

BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL new audio update !!!!!  …and what a thoroughly nice, caring [and so professional !]  man Terry is !! ..I’m DEEPLY appreciative of what Terry Gilder and the rest of the team are doing for we shareholders !!!  bowfell

Over these years , I have turned into a great admirer of the style and nuance of the Themco Newsletters . Members who have been reading the newsletters will surely agree that some of these exude literary brilliance ! How I wish the writer ventured into the world of real journalism . Maybe he is already into it, but we are yet to know. I have often been prompted to send in my compliments and Themco has humbly reciprocated.That’s Themco  flowermaker

You have to get up pretty early to start work before Terry Gilder, and stay up late to keep in step with him. zizadk             

Another expression of gratitude to the TEAM at Themco. Whilst on the outside of proceedings, one gets an overwhelming feeling of careful planning, honest and straightforward intent,a very professional aptitude, and big lashings of goodwill. And it is clear, also, huge input and commitment, to the task as outlined from the start. Not forgetting the superb support. One of the very few operations I have been involved in, which displays such continuing efforts to move the project forward to completion. Thanking you for all the input, communication, patience, and resoluteness. In this day and age of cut corners and (usual) fraud/poor sense of financial and ethical
responsibility…it is BLOODY MARVELLOUS. All this just is apparent, to anyone with a sense of discernment, so thank you to all. Really, really appreciated.3 Cheers!!!!!  Denishe